The New Floor is Installed and Ready to Go!

Our Pro italian floor is ready! - JokerFloors

The brand new floor from Italy has arrived and been successfully installed! Our new floor promises to be one of the best performing floors you've ever skated on. With speed and grip as the main focus of our decision on this floor, we are very happy to say that we've hit the mark with this playing surface.  The first games on the new floor had the majority of the local PRO players, along with many veterans on the floor to experience it for themselves, and the feedback is nothing but overwhelming positive! The floor plays very fast and grips very well!

For those of you that do not know what goes into putting a floor down of this size, it involves offloading pallets of flooring, moving the pallets into position, correctly moving the floor and aligning the floor, the cutting of all the tiles along the perimeter of the rink, painting or taping the lines, measuring all the distances for all objects on the floor, and so much more. After working from 4:30 pm to 1:30 AM on Sunday, and then working from 10:00 AM to 8:45 PM on Monday, we successfully installed the floor!

A huge thank you to the community - you are what makes this sport amazing!

Fraser Roller Hockey League would like to thank the countless individuals who came out to help us install 17,000 square feet of flooring, to include Brandon Kassin, Josh Kruk, Scott Brown, Pat O'Rourke, Garrett Metcalf, Heather Campbell and the Campbell Family, Mike Farinelli, Adam Stios, Joe Carver, Tyler Rohlman, Nathan Vance, Ryan Ramsden, Justin Casebolt, James Walker and the Walker Family, Bobby Clouston, Kevin Schaening, Joe Carver, Ben King, Zach King, and Dustin Foran. We would also like to thank Scott and Carson Kraiza for the assistance on putting the circles on the floor, to really give us the professional look we were looking for!

So What's Next?

We are always thinking of what else we can do to improve the experience of everyone at FRHL. Next up for us are permanent goal pegs for the nets - no more sliding nets, and goalies can finally push off of the goal posts! The custom made pegs should be at Fraser Hockeyland by August 14th and installed by Sunday, August 16th. In addition to that improvement, we will be evaluating and improving many other aspects of our league, to include continued renovations to the shower area, bench areas, as well as a seating area on the opposite side of the rink.