Welcome Jake Bell!

Fraser Roller Hockey is proud to welcome Jake Bell as its new Assistant Director, signaling a major milestone for the organization. With an extensive background in inline hockey spanning over two decades, Jake brings invaluable experience and expertise to his new role.

As a former Franchise Owner in The Midwest Inline Hockey Association and a skilled player in the American Inline Hockey League, Jake's leadership and strategic insights have made him a respected figure in both a community presence and hockey administration. His dedication to player development and community building has left a lasting impact on the sport. 

In his new capacity, Jake Bell will spearhead initiatives to further elevate Fraser Roller Hockey. His focus on fostering a culture of excellence, inclusivity, and sportsmanship promises to create an engaging platform for players and fans alike. Jake brings a atmosphere of fun and creativity to Fraser Roller Hockey, and his outlook and vision of inline hockey will no doubt be a benefit to the players and fans at FRHL!

The organization is thrilled to have Jake on board, and his appointment as Assistant Director has generated enthusiasm among the inline hockey community. As Fraser Roller Hockey gears up for an exciting season, Jake's guidance and vision are set to lead the organization to new heights in the sport.