High School Roller Hockey at FRHL

Michigan High School Roller Hockey League Kicks Off Summer 2023 Season

The Michigan High School Roller Hockey League (MHSRL) has kicked off its summer 2023 season with four teams competing for the championship. Eisenhower High School, Utica Ford Unified, North Unified, and South Unified are vying for the top spot in the league, with games taking place on most Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 PM.

The MHSRL, which was founded in 2021, and finally delivers a huge opportunity for high school inline hockey players a place to play! With a talented roster of players, each team is looking to showcase their skills on the rink and take home the trophy. 

Eisenhower High School, led by Wyatt Saunders, is looking to make a statement this season with a strong roster of players, including Aaron Carrier, Dylan Astrauckas, and Jaxon Hill. Utica Ford Unified, featuring Aidan Krim, Anthony Alfonsi, and Cameron Krim, is also a team to watch out for. North Unified, with goalie Rachael Schoenrock leading the team, is hoping to bring the championship trophy back to their school. Meanwhile, South Unified, with Tyler Long in net, is looking to make a comeback after a tough season last year.

Joe Tilney, the MHSRL commissioner and Youth Director of Hockey at Fraser Roller Hockey, is excited for the start of the season and is looking forward to seeing the players compete on the rink. "The MHSRL finally brings back a portion of youth inline hockey that we have been missing for many years. This is the start of something very important in inline hockey, and this season is just the beginning," said Tilney. "I can't wait to see what these talented young players bring to the rink this year."