Fall 2020 Season is now underway!

The Fall 2020 season is now underway! With divisions and leagues for all ages and skill levels, we are proud to announce that we have more than 1000 players playing at Fraser Roller Hockey League! With 111 teams between Youth House leagues, Adult House leagues, and Adult Beginner and Open leagues, we want to say thank you to everyone who has made the Fraser Roller Hockey League the best place to play for everyone!

Youth House Leagues

The first Youth House League at Fraser Roller Hockey started on Saturday, September 12th!  With a total of 19 teams, and 140 players, our Youth programs are starting strong! We're excited to be a part of a growing youth movement where inline hockey has profound benefits to both kids and their families alike. Our goal at FRHL is to grow the sports and make sure each and every player has a positive experience in this amazing sport. Seeing the youth players grow to improve their skills both on and off the floor is just one of the joys to experience, both as players and parents. Thank you to everyone who continue to make this division great! 

Adult House Leagues

The Adult House divisions in Metro Detroit have been going strong for years and years now. With 133 players in the opening season, these veterans are enjoying everything inline hockey has to offer! With 8 teams in the Monday 45 & Over division and 8 Teams in the Wednesday 35 & Over Division, we are proud to be back in action for everyone to play!

Adult Open Leagues

The opening season for the Adult Open Leagues has an impressive 73 teams! Our Adult Open leagues have players of all skill levels. From Adult Beginner divisions at ultra low costs, all the way to Adult Gold & Platinum, we are proud to have these players playing at FRHL! We're excited to be a part of these new opportunities and offer as many divisions for players to play!