Club Highlight: Detroit Fuel

Continuing our Club Highlight feature on our website, FRHL is host to the newest Adult Travel Organization, the Detroit Fuel!

The Detroit Fuel was founded in 2020 by a veteran in the inline hockey industry, Nick Smolinski. Smolinski has been a dominant force in the Midwest, and has an extensive background in his playing ability, along with coaching and training with emphasis on youth hockey development. "Smoey" has played for multiple professional teams including the Detroit Phoenix (AIHL), Detroit Revolution (MLRH & PIHA), Alkali Surge (NRHL), Alkali ISCA Grizzlies (State Wars Hockey), Tour Excitement (NARCh & State Wars PRO) Vebero (NARCh PRO) and other various elite teams throughout the years. His main focus now is the growth of the sport, and is mainly active in the FRHL Platinum division along with the Midwest Inline Hockey Association (MIHA).

Pictured: Nick Smolinski, Founder of the Detroit Fuel Organization.

Although the Detroit Fuel are a newer organization, they have already left their mark in the Midwest. Sporting their platinum Division team since the FRHL's inception in 2020, they also boast a number of Adult League teams in multiple divisions at FRHL. On average, they have 4-7 teams playing at multiple divisions. They have grown into a MIHA Franchise that travels and competes in the Tier 4 and Tier 3 divisions across the Midwest. Both Nick Smolinski and Nick Leon are responsible for the success with the Detroit Fuel in MIHA.

Pictured: 2021-2022 MIHA Champions in the Detroit 3 event hosted by the Midwest Inline Hockey Association. (MIHA)

With development at the core of the Detroit Fuel, it's also no surprise that the Fuel also have grassroot adult players in their ranks. Lead by Stephanie Taylor, the Detroit Fuel have consistently grown in the developmental leagues as well as seen their players move up and continue to improve as the seasons progress. 

Pictured: The 2022 Fraser Fuel in the Sunday Tin division champions

Last year, the Detroit Fuel MIHA team started their first season for the 2022-2023 season where they would advance to the finals in the highly competitive MIHA T3 Division. Unfortunately they suffered a 6-4 loss in the national championship game to the Indianapolis Inline Hockey Organization, but no doubt shows great promise from the Fuel if they are already in National Finals in their first year in MIHA!