Club Highlight - Detroit Dawgz

Continuing on our club highlight series at Fraser Roller Hockey League, next up is the Detroit Dawgz!

The Detroit Dawgz was founded by Joe Carver in 2015 at Little Caesars Roller Hockey out of Joe Dumars Fieldhouse. (Shelby Township, Michigan) "Carver" would initally work with Matt Koleski and the Detroit Bordercats along with other organizations before branching out to create his own organization, The Detroit Dawgz. The Dawgz would begin to build various teams and opportunities for many local events along with LCRH league teams and has since called FRHL their home since the FRHL started in 2020. 

Pictured: Head Coach Joe Carver along with Mike Moroso, Kevin Maddox, and Dustin Foran as they participate in the 2022 Summer Bash at FRHL - Pro Division $3000.00 cash prize!

While the Dawgz currently have a great Adult presence at FRHL currently, they actually started as a youth organization back in 2015 with teams that participated in the NARCh Regional qualifiers in Detroit, Michigan along with the TORHS Qualifiers the same year. From here, the Dawgz would begin a slow but steady growth that would eventually explode into a vast amount of adult teams that would predominantly play in many of the local leagues at LCRH. With the FRHL forming in 2020, the Detroit Dawgz would call FRHL their new home where they currently as of this article have more than 10 teams playing year round in the Adult Divisions.

Pictured: The Detroit Dawgz in 2017 playing at Little Caesars Roller Hockey at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse, Shelby Township Michigan.

The Detroit Dawgz also partake in various regional and national tournaments since 2015. They first started with their Detroit Dawgz Bantam teams in both Detroit Events for NARCh along with TORHS in 2015, which then would translate to these players representing Team Michigan in State Wars for the foreseeable future. Once the Adult side of the Dawgz exploded, the Dawgz would enter multiple State Wars Adult teams. In 2020 with a Dawgz Midgets Team as well as a Juggernaut team in 2021, and finally an Adult Senior A team in 2022. 

Pictured: The Detroit Dawgz vs. The Detroit Fuel in our Tuesday Platinum division.

One of the high points for the elite squad of players with the Dawgz would be their current Platinum Tuesday team along with their Tournament team, which participated in both the 2022 FRHL Thanksgiving Bash, along with the 2022 FRHL Summer Bash, which had a $3000.00 cash prize PRO division included. The Dawgz would have the opportunity to play against some of the best in the business, which included Tyler Spezia (Grand Rapids Griffins, AHL) Corey Hodge (Rinkster PRO), Ryan Lemke (Detroit Bordercat PRO) Garrett Ross (Rinkster PRO, TEAM USA USARS 2022) and many more star studded players. This only continues to grow as the Dawgz continue to improve and look to progress into other opportunities in the inline hockey world.

Pictured: The Detroit Dawgz Gold Champions at the FRHL 2022 Thanksgiving Bash.

For more information regarding the Detroit Dawgz Organization, reach out to Joe Carver on Facebook Messenger!