Championship Sunday - FRHL Summer Bash

The final day of the Summer Bash is here, and the excitement is through the roof at Fraser Roller Hockey! Over the past couple of days, we've seen incredible talent and fierce competition, but today is the climax where more than 14 champions will be crowned. Teams from all over, including the Cincinnati Kings from Ohio and CRHG from Canada, have brought their A-game, making this an unforgettable event. Over 98 total games have been played with more than 45 teams participating in the FRHL Summer Bash.

Kicking off the day, the 8 & Under division will see the Detroit Bordercats - Orange face off against the Cincinnati Kings at 9:10 AM in the Tier 1 Final. The young players have shown exceptional skill and determination, and this match is bound to be a thrilling showdown. Earlier, at 8:20 AM, Detroit Bordercats - White will battle FRHL BLACK in the Tier 2 Final, promising another exciting game.

The 10 & Under division has been a blast to watch, with teams showing amazing teamwork and energy. Today, the Detroit Bordercats will take on FRHL Hornets at 10:00 AM in what promises to be a nail-biting final. The Bordercats have been dominant, but the Hornets are ready to give it their all in this championship clash.

In the 12 & Under division, the action starts early with Average Joel's taking on CRHG at 8:00 AM, followed by Cincinnati Kings against Yeti at 8:40 AM in the Tier 2 Semi. These teams have fought hard to reach this stage, and the finals are sure to be intense. Later, the Bordercats 2011 will compete against the winner of the 2v3 semi-final at 10:50 AM for the Tier 1 championship. The Tier 2 final will take place at 11:40 AM as the Shake Dogs await the winner of the 5th vs 6th seed.

In the 14 & Under REC division, FRHL RED will face FRHL BLUE at 12:30 PM, showcasing some of the best young talent in the region. Meanwhile, the 14 & Under Open division has been just as exciting, with CRHG squaring off against the Detroit Bordercats at 1:20 PM for the Tier 1 Final. The Cincinnati Kings will also be in action against Average Joel's at 2:10 PM for the Tier 2 Final. These games are sure to provide intense competition and highlight the incredible skills of these young athletes.

While the youth divisions have been absolutely amazing to watch, we cannot forget the 16 adult teams spread out between three divisions at the FRHL Summer Bash.  In the Adult Tier 1division, we’ve seen top-tier action with teams battling it out for supremacy. CRHG, along with Dem Ninjas would take the #1 and #2 seeds, and await the winners of Clinton's, Buzz Central, Unified Wheelers, and Ranch Daddy. Tier 2 & Tier 3 have been decided as All Black Hockey would take the #1 seed for the Tier 2 division, while the Detroit Nighthawks would take the top seed in the Tier 3 division. Tier 4 will begin their Semifinals today at 2:40 PM.

This year's Summer Bash has seen a total of 98 games throughout the tournament, showcasing the best in youth and adult hockey. As we gear up to crown over 14 champions today, the atmosphere is buzzing with anticipation. Enjoy the games and celebrate the champions!